Are max irons and saoirse ronan dating

But I get a real kick out of them, so eventually I have to tell the person that we’re playing the prank on that we’ve playing the prank on them cause they get a real kick out of it. SR: I’m serious sometimes, but most of the time, I’m just like this! SR: [Laughs] There’s two that I love at the moment.

Of course, as fans well know, Saoirse’s character Melanie DOES finally meet her match when her body becomes host to alien Wanderer…

Before the March 29 release of "The Host," Irons sat down with Next Movie in New York City to discuss pronunciation of co-star Saoirse Ronan's name, knowing everyone in England, and whose brain he would choose to inhabit (hint: one option begins with a "Kim" and ends with a "Jong Un"). And you find out that they’re not just teen girls, but there’s a lot of guys in that and a lot of older guys and older women, yeah. I worried that maybe Stephenie and the people at Open Road had tried to recreate it.

He also modeled for Macy for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Irons debuted with 2004 drama film Being Julia for his role as curtain call boy.

Max first appeared in Sky1’s 6 episode drama TV series The Runaway for his role as Tommy Pasqualino. For the 2013 movie , Max used to go for gym sessions. He used to workout for 6 days a week and also did interval training. His diet consisted of mostly proteins and vegetables, without any carbs.

It’s a bit like “Lord Of The Rings,” but also, we’ve got wizards flying around as well.

We only eat roast dinner, and we all know the queen.

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And despite the controversial subject matter of cousins falling in love, he said that he made the film with the intention of European distribution, believing it to be "too dark" for the US.

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