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Long-distance relationships can be difficult, what with the time apart, the missed phone calls and the lonely nights. Follow the advice of our 10 Best Long-Distance Relationship Blogs and your relationship is sure to go the distance.

Bragging Rights: serving LDRs of all shapes and sizes Frank and Michelle have been together since 2006, one now living in Maine and the other in Massachusetts.

My ex-boyfriend and I lived about four hours away from each other, and even though that wasn’t much of a distance, I learned a few things about what it takes to keep long-distance relationships healthy. Some people are satisfied with communicating primarily through text messages and social media.

Others might rely more on phone conversations or Skype.

It is important to talk about this early in the relationship instead of when communication starts becoming a problem. You and your significant other are unable to go on real dates very often because of the distance, but it is important to set aside time for dates.

If you don’t share the same communication style, compromise. Instead of always spending Friday night with your friends, set aside an hour or two every now and then to spend with your significant other.

Some of you reading this might be in the same situation I was in when I graduated.

You met someone at college, and now you’re both going back home for the summer.

You might live in the same state or even across the country from each other, and you might be wondering how to jump successfully over this sudden hurdle. When you are able to spend time with your significant other, you might not think too much about communication styles.

Those that stand by this are often dumped by would-be suitors making it more difficult to sustain a long-term relationship; those that have sex often feel conflicted.

Divorced Christians also struggle with teachings about whether or not they are divorced in God’s eyes.

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They chart their college romance and separate cities as they share advice, inspiration and laughter.

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