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The tattoo features a Confederate flag and the letters “CFH,” referencing a popular music album from the heavy metal band Pantera, “Cowboys From Hell.” Her boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, said that he had been “wanting this tattoo since middle school” and that the Confederate flag to him was a symbol of heritage rather than hate.

He also added that he had gotten the tattoo long before the political discourse surrounding the Confederate flag and its related symbols reached such peaks in recent months.

Paris Jackson’s new boyfriend has caused a stir because of a tattoo on his wrist bearing the symbol of the Confederate flag.The youngster’s family are said to be shocked over the 18-year-old tearaway’s new fella Michael Snoddy, who sports a Confederate flag tattoo.The rebel flag, which was used by the southern states of America when they fought the Civil War over their right to have black slaves, has come to represent racism for many.Carla Hill, an investigative researcher for the Anti-Defamation League, told us that her group was not surprised by Hill’s announcement, given its recent history: They have included handgun and weapons training at their gatherings dating back to 2011.In fact, in 2014 they attempted to create a paramilitary unit, allegedly dubbed “The Indomitables.” And, just last July they held training on “gun work” and “core blade skills” in Wetumpka, Alabama.

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