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It not only provides these great thrills, but it forces the audience to ask themselves how they’d behave in this situation, leading to lively conversation after the film is over.But it’s not enough simply to play out this thrilling scenario—Fincher and Koepp also toy with gender roles in the film, as it’s no coincidence that the heroes are a single mother and her pre-teen daughter.Set in 1979, the series follows a pair of FBI agents who interview serial killers in an attempt to understand what motivates them.“Imagine what it takes to bludgeon someone to death: the lust for control, the feeling of arousal, the decision to humiliate a corpse,” the trailer teases.“How could you possibly get that from an ordinary police report?”As they investigate some of the most shocking cases in the bureau’s history, FBI chiefs begin to question whether the agents are getting a little too close to their subjects.“It is not our job to commiserate with these people.Charlize Theron is getting into business with Netflix for a new drama series she will executive produce with David Fincher.The series will be based on the book “Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit” and it will take viewers behind-the-scenes of the hunts for some of the most notorious serial killers and rapists.Looking and Hamilton star Jonathan Groff plays Holden Ford, an special agent in the FBI’s behaviour science unit.NETFLIX RELEASE DATE SCHEDULE 2017He is teamed up with fellow agent Bell Tench, who is played by Holt Mc Callany.

Netflix will release Mindhunter globally in October.It was three and a half months ago that we first saw a teaser trailer for Mindhunter, David Fincher’s new show about FBI agents who interview imprisoned serial killers in order to get help solving recent murders.(Yes, the guy who wrote the book it’s based on inspired the character of Jack Crawford in all those Hannibal Lecter-related projects, as he’s probably very tired of saying at dinner parties.) Since then, it’s been largely quiet on the news front, save for the casting of Fringe’s Anna Torv and regular Fincher collaborator Holt Mc Callany, who join star Jonathan Groff.Do you think David Fincher’s suspicious comments are being taken out of context?At some point, Ben Affleck is going to date again, but who he dates is anyone’s guess.

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Fincher directed the first two episodes of this series and executive produces the show, which takes place in 1979 and revolves around two FBI agents who interview serial killers in an effort to help them solve current murders.

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