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The presentation featured the likes of photographer and filmmaker Nick Offord, poet Max Wallis, music duo The Rhythm Method, architect Ben Cullen Williams, photographer Campbell Addy, and illustrator King Owusu.

Turbidite systems along the continental margin of Cascadia Basin from Vancouver Island, Canada, to Cape Mendocino, California, United States, have been investigated with swath bathymetry; newly collected and archive piston, gravity, kasten, and box cores; and accelerator mass spectrometry radiocarbon dates.

The 10,000-year turbidite record along the Cascadia margin passes several tests for synchronous triggering and correlates well with the shorter onshore paleoseismic record. The recurrence times and averages are supported by the thickness of hemipelagic sediment deposited between turbidite beds.

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Similarly, the flavors are more robust: not the fresh baked bread and sugar of, say, a Royal Yacht. A bit on the moist side relative to other Dunhill offerings, but nothing like the temperamental SG flakes.

Rather more earthy: aged (rather than fresh cut) hay, leather, dark cacao. The citrus notes are in the background, emerging more expressively at mid-bowl, but always in the background- the more earthy flavors being dominant. Living in a humid climate, I dry this for roughly an hour before smoking and that seems to do the trick.

It seems more like the mildly bready note that was in the earlier production without the slight spice note. It breaks apart very easily, and burns at a reasonable pace, cool, clean, and mostly smooth.

The collection: With roots dating as far back as the 19th century, Dunhill draws from an unmatched archive of tried and tested staples for the modern gentleman.

The Cascadia Basin is an ideal place to develop a turbidite paleoseismologic method and to record paleoearthquakes because (1) a single subduction-zone fault underlies the Cascadia submarine-canyon systems; (2) multiple tributary canyons and a variety of turbidite systems and sedimentary sources exist to use in tests of synchronous turbidite triggering; (3) the Cascadia trench is completely sediment filled, allowing channel systems to trend seaward across the abyssal plain, rather than merging in the trench; (4) the continental shelf is wide, favoring disconnection of Holocene river systems from their largely Pleistocene canyons; and (5) excellent stratigraphic datums, including the Mazama ash and distinguishable sedimentological and faunal changes near the Pleistocene-Holocene boundary, are present for correlating events and anchoring the temporal framework.

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The cube cut expresses a bit more sweet citrus, but it's marginal and, as always, subdued.

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