Extortion blackmail dating

They will use it to strengthen the relationship, telling the victim how beautiful or handsome she/he is. Scammers often convince the victim to perform sexually on web cam.

This again strengthens the relationship with the victim.

"In many instances, the situation begins when an unknowing victim is befriended by someone on the Internet, often as part of an online dating or social media site," Daniel Andrews, director of CID's Computer Crime Investigative Unit, said in a release.

"The scammer quickly builds a friendship and trust with the victim, and will begin to ask for or discuss information or photos that could be hurtful to one's personal or professional life if revealed.

From the first contact, the scammer will initiate a conversation and pretend to be a man or a woman depending on their target's preferences.

The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center 2014 Internet Crime Report stated that more than million dollars was extorted from victims that year.Because the victim does not realize they are being scammed, they see the requests or discussion as a normal part of the developing friendship and are willing to share the information." To the victim's surprise, Andrews said, the scammers then threaten to release that information if money is not paid.Another instance of extortion can occur when scammers obtain an individual's personal information as part of a data breach.Scammers want to see what they can see as far as your house goes.We understand they sometimes have their victims scan around their house on the web cam in a ruse of saying they want to get to know you better. By turning on your web cam to the scammer, you have become more vulnerable.

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