I'm talking about this bizarre open conversation that happens at one of two points in a relationship: You somehow turn “you're intimidating” into an opening line.Why, yes, you now have my attention because I'm now curious about your psyche.Anyone can assume a controlling position with these intimidating definitions and use them to manipulate people into doing what they want them to do.But this persona is not a popular or favorable one to assume.

I can't fix the mean girl who blows you off at the bar or the not-so-mean girl you just said has “resting bitch face (RBF).” (Also, I'm pretty sure my brain-on-fire-and-therefore-deep-in-thought face does not mean I'm a bitch, so please stop using “RBF”).

That is, unless you want women to just start calling you a resting assh*le (“RA” for short).

Women won't stop at your face; we'll label all of you as that.

Anyone can put on intimidating behaviors anywhere, such as school, work, at the mall, or even at traffic.

At work, the behaviors are typically found in forms of verbal abuse or degrading the employee and their position.

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