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’s founder and ceo, says that “recent research has shown that none of the ‘scientific’ compatibility formulas used by the leading dating sites actually work.“the user experience with traditional online dating is not much better than abysmal, as singles find themselves afloat in a sea of unreferenced e-strangers,” says friendlylook co-founder trevor chidester.’rudder explained, ‘according to our users, 'looks' and 'personality' were the same thing…

Your polar opposite is: Walt You are similar to: Sawyer and Charlie.the dating episode of the tim ferriss experiment where he consulted on he was shown using 2 mac laptops with os x.If you want to learn how Samy hacks everything from online dating to car alarms, this episode is for you.one side is armed with complex personality tests, its opponents call them “gimmicks” and “pseudo-scientific love formulas.“you, our human client, are far too complex to be predicted by a personality test,” their website says.

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The Mixed Messenger Deliberate Brutal Love Dreamer (DBLD) Just.....fucking...flower...darling. You're looking for love, but you'll always maintain your independence.

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