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This isn't the first time SHINee's songs have been plagiarized by international artists.Last August, a Cambodian group was found to have plagiarized "Ring Ding Dong," leading SM Entertainment to step up and take action.Recently, viewers were enthralled by a similarly steamy clip showing red-hot cheerleaders from Greece strutting their stuff in a national competition.

def 1: An online community where young teenage males pretend to be young teenage females to flirt with a lesbian and get nude pics...

where in actual fact the 'lesbian' is really a perverted old man pretending to be a teenage lesbian to flirt with other teenage girls and get nude pics.

Both sets of pics exchanged are fake - from a website claiming to offer 'youngest teen models' but are actually 25 year-old failed glamour models with their hair in bunches.

You can receive a messasge or an e-mail from one of these women today. Although there a website is "only", it has within 4 weeks changed my life.

I signed up with you and just thought it can fold it or not.

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The pop star seemed pretty unbothered discussing her dramatic fall – but viewers couldn’t seem to concentrate on what she was saying.

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