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Evidence from Experimental Data (.pdf) (with Patrick Bajari ), Journal of Political Economy , v. Mechanism Choice and Strategic Bidding in Divisible Good Auctions: An Empirical Analysis of the Turkish Treasury Auction Market (.pdf) (with David Mc Adams), Journal of Political Economy , v. On the Empirical Content of Quantal Response Equilibrium (.pdf) (with Philip Haile and Grigory Kosenok ), American Economic Review, March 2008, 98(1), 180-200. Cementing Relationships: Vertical Integration, Foreclosure, Productivity, and Prices (.pdf) (with Chad Syverson), Journal of Political Economy , May 2007. Are Structural Estimates of Auction Models Reasonable? In the quest to find romance, more of us have turned to online dating.Once stigmatized as a venue for the desperate, online dating has become a normal part of the mating game.We also find that native managers are unbiased in their recruitments of former co-workers, suggesting that information deficiencies are important. Our findings suggest that a low frequency of immigrant managers may contribute to the observed disadvantages of immigrant workers.

The Role of Financial Players in Electricity Markets: An Empirical Analysis of MISO (.pdf) (with John Birge, Ignacia Mercadal, and Michael Pavlin). Order Flow and the Formation of Dealer Bids in Treasury Auctions (.pdf) (with Samita Sareen). Bidding Behavior in Divisible Good Auctions: Theory and Empirical Evidence from Turkish Treasury Auctions. Advertising, Consumer Awareness, and Choice: Evidence from the U. Banking Industry (with Elisabeth Honka and Maria Ana Vitorino) (.pdf) , forthcoming, RAND Journal of Economics. Deposit Competition and Financial Fragility: Evidence from the U. Banking Sector (with Mark Egan and Gregor Matvos) (.pdf) , forthcoming, American Economic Review. Advertising and Competition in Privatized Social Security: The Case of Mexico (with Justine Hastings and Chad Syverson) (.pdf), forthcoming, Econometrica. Search with Learning (with Babur de los Santos and Matthijs Wildenbeest) (.pdf) , forthcoming, JBES. Determinants of Bank Mergers: A Revealed Preference Analysis, (.pdf) (with Tony Cookson and Oktay Akkus), forthcoming, Management Science. National Academy of Sciences , v.113(33), 2016, 9238-43. Vertical Integration and Input Flows (with Enghin Atalay and Chad Syverson) (.pdf) American Economic Review , 104(4), 2014, 1120-48. Indirect Costs of Financial Distress in Durable Goods Industries: The Case of Auto Manufacturers (.pdf) (with Chad Syverson, Gregor Matvos, and Sriram Venkataraman), Review of Financial Studies , 26(5), 2013, 1248-90. The 2007 Subprime Market Crisis Through the Lens of European Central Bank Auctions for Short-Term Funds (.pdf) (with Nuno Cassola and Jakub Kastl), Econometrica , 81(4), 2013, 1309-45. Valuing Dealers' Informational Advantage: A Study of Canadian Treasury Auctions (.pdf) (with Jakub Kastl), Econometrica , 80(6), 2012, 2511-42. Testing models of consumer search using data on web browsing and purchasing behavior (.pdf) (with Babur De los Santos and Matthijs Wildenbeest), American Economic Review , 102(6), 2012, 2955-80. Mental attributes and temporal brain dynamics during bargaining: EEG source localization and neuroinformatic mapping (with Burak Guclu, Seda Ertac and John List), Social Neuroscience , 7(2), 2012, 159-77. Recent Progress in the Empirical Analysis of Multi-Unit Auctions (.pdf) , International Journal of Industrial Organization , v. Is an Automaker's Road to Bankruptcy Paved with Customers' Beliefs? On the Network Structure of Production (full-text) (with Enghin Atalay, James Roberts, and Chad Syverson) , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , v. Taken together, this research forms an overwhelming scholarly consensus, based on over three decades of peer-reviewed research, that having a gay or lesbian parent does not harm children.Evaluating Studies that Conclude Gay Parenting Raises Risks: With regard to the four outlier studies, all share the same flaw.Including such children among those labeled as having been “raised by same-sex parents” is so misleading as to be inaccurate, since these children were generally raised by opposite-sex families and only later, after a family disruption, did they live in households with one or more gay parent(s), and only rarely did two parents of the same sex, in a stable, long-term relationship, actually raise the children together.The Center for LTC Reform is a private institute dedicated to ensuring quality long-term care for all Americans by promoting public policy that targets scarce public resources to the neediest, while encouraging people who are young, healthy and affluent enough, to take responsibility for themselves.

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We identified four studies concluding that children of gay or lesbian parents face added disadvantages.

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